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Lava Hound Buff [Idea]

‘Tis no doubt that Lavahound is the absolute worse legendary. High cost, abysmally small damage, and little after death value for the cheap 7 elixer. It’s also very bad compared to other similar tanks or 6-8 elixer cards:

  • Giant: much cheaper, deals more damage
  • Golem: Very good after death value, higher damage
  • Pekka: great counter pushing, defensive capabilities

So what exactly needs to be buffed?

I like to think that Lavahound should be the golem of the sky, similar to the relationship between bats and skeletons. Right now its sort of like a giant with skeleton damage. So what needs to be buffed are the aspects a golem has and what the lavahound does NOT have.

First and for most, give lavahound the same 4 second deploy time that golems have. This should be the aspect of both since both are high health, beat down tanks.

Now lets tackle the main problem: After Death Value.

When a golem dies, its almost always on or near a tower, pretty much guaranteeing another hit (~400 damage? don’t know the exact numbers), and it spawns what are basically two ice golems, and alongside all this, it has push back. This makes golem tough to counter, because even after it dies, its still a threat, given there are back up troops (which there most always will be), forcing you to time you golem kill correctly and think about what to do. Keep in mind you also can’t just let it sit since a golem WILL solo kill your tower, dealing a noticeable amount of damage to your tower with each hit. I’m also 85% sure you can also ignore a a lavahound and it will leave your tower at 500 hp (tourney standard).


Pekka? yes. Golem? yes. Megaknight? yes. 3 musketeers? Of course. Even fucking barb huts. Lavahound? nah man lets keep throwing hogs and poisons on the other side fuck that flying turd pot.

You can or may argue that it’s very dangerous when backed up with a balloon, but so are other tanks as well, namely golem. In fact I’d argue it is more difficult to counter golem + balloon than it is lavaloon, because you can only put swarm cards on one side, whereas both can easily be destroyed by tornado + inferno anything. Lightning goes bother ways, lavahound players and golem users alike can both use lightning.

Now lets look at lavahound.

You wait till it fucking dies and then you zap/tornado/arrow/fireball/fire spirit/ignore the fucking pups. Like seriously what the hell? these pups are way too frail to be considered much value, and they hardly do any damage. And they get 2 or 3 shot by the tower itself. This needs a serious buff, so lavahound isn’t as easy to counter as it is.

My Idea: On lavahound death, it spills a pool of its magma blood, that acts similarly to poison, only it does less damage (~half a fireball at = level, damage is NOT reduced on towers) and slows troop attack and movement speeds by 20% for 3.5 seconds. It will still spawn the pups.

One more thought to the mind: Lavahound is a LEGENDARY where most other similar cards are epics or rares, so it’s very difficult to level up. Therefore it should have some type of aspect that isn’t totally level dependent (all other legendaries have something like this; princess range, ewis stun, lumberjack rage, bandit dash, nightwitch spawning & after death, etc. ).

[Effort Post] Complete Guide to Lava Hound
Lava Hound, Strategy Guides, Tips,

Complete Guide to Lava Hound

Hi, Clash Royale gamer. I’m an average player around 4100~4200, I’ve played Lavaloon on Ladder and Challenges for about 8 months. Meanwhile, Lavaloon isn’t finding way to escape this meta. I think I’m a pretty skilled lavaloon player, I’ve played Lavaloon about 80% of my whole Ladder Games.

I: Statistics and Overview

Lava Hound is a tank, but is an air tank with high hitpoints. Only half of the whole cards can target Lava Hound, since he is a air card. Lava Hound itself, has little amount of damage (34 dps on Lvl 1) and slow attack speed. The card only targets Buildings and towers but is targetable by air units, and air-targeting ground units. Well..the card also is very slow, it has Slow (45) speed. However, don’t let this discourage you. Lava Hound can have a crazy performance when it’s paired up with a buddy. Lava Hound has 2 phases; it will pop out 6 Lava Pups, Lava Hound will disappear.

What kind of job does this Card have?

This card is obviously a tanker, the card has a job to take/tank damages for dealer cards. Lava Hound should safely bring the dealer to the tower since Lava Hound can’t destroy a tower by itself.

LevelHitpointsDPSLava Pups HitpointsLava Pups DPS

II: Countering

Lava Hound is a tank unit, which can suffer from massive air units, tank burners and splash units that can affect units behind the Lava Hound together with the LH. Spells aren’t effective against Lava Hound itself, but it can counter perfectly against Lava pups.

Here is a list of the best counters:

  • Executioner → A splasher that can kill Lava Hound & Lava Pups without taking big damage. Executioner with a supportive spell like Tornado will able to shred Lava Hound and the units behind Lava Hound. Since Executioner is pretty tanky, Executioner will be able to take out the big push without dying.
  • Minion Horde → A massive air unit that can surround Lava Hound and shred him. However, the minion horde is usually responded easily by a spell like Arrows or Fireball, since Lava Hound decks mostly have cheap spells to respond air units like minions, minion horde, and bats. If your Minion Horde isn’t dead by opponent’s spells or units that were behind the LH, you can make a deadly counter-push by deploying fast units like Miner. This counter push will be effective since opponent used a lot of Elixir from their Lava Hound push. Still, your opponent will probably have spells & unit to respond your Minion Horde, so this might not work.
  • Bats/Minions → Cheap air unit you can use to counter the Lava Hound, bats/minions and the tower damage will kill both Lava Hound & Lava Pups. You can take advantage if your opponent uses Zap or Arrows to kill your bats/minions.
  • Inferno Tower → A good tank burner building you can use against Lava Hound. If an opponent uses Lightning or Fireball to destroy your Inferno Tower, you will be able to take advantage of huge Elixir lead. Simply put defensive units like Musketeer, Mega Minion, Minions and etc… your opponent will not be able to respond to your unit since they burned lots of Elixir to destroy your Inferno Tower.
  • Inferno Dragon → A decent counter, it has the similar role as Inferno Tower.

These cards aren’t the best choice to respond against Lava hound, but it will still work:

  • Three Musketeer/Musketeer → Offers long rang and high attack damage to a target. Three Musketeer isn’t a good unit to deploy since it can be killed with Fireball + Zap. You will have decent Elixir advantage.
  • Ice Wizard → Ice Wizard with follow up cards/spells will be pretty good. Since Ice Wizard can delay/slow the Lava Hound, you will be able to bank up Elixir to put defensive units. Ice Wizard with Tornado can slow the whole Lava Hound push.

Against Lava Pups:

  • Arrows → Just delete the Lava Pups instantly. However, some players take advantages of this, so try not to respond with this spell too much.
  • Zap → It will give stun to the pups 0.5 seconds and will help tower finish up the pups. Again, watch out for spell baits.
  • Fireball → Cleans up the Pups. But it isn’t a good choice since it can lead to negative elixir trade. If there are following units behind the pups, wait a little and fireball them all.

III: Simple Tips

  • Place your Lava Hound back corner, you can choose any side left or right. By this placement, you can collect Elixir until LH is about to cross the bridge. Don’t deploy units on the back when Lava is deployed, wait for em to cross the bridge.
  • Don’t deploy your Lava Hound when you don’t have 10 Elixir.
  • You don’t have to deploy Lava Hound at the start of the game, you can play defensive and deploy LH on double Elixir time. Playing defensive means not deploying Lava Hound, playing defense with spells, units that supposed to be deployed with Lava Hound.
  • Please don’t overcommit, don’t overuse your Elixir when your Lava Push is not doing good. Don’t add additional units when your LH push is about to get eliminated. Get ready for your defense.
  • When deploying Balloon with Lava Hound, leave your Lava Hound to cross the bridge. When your Lava Hound has spaced out 2 tiles away from the bridge, deploy your Balloon. It’s good to space out your tank and your support units, since AoE units/Splashers can damage them together.
  • Have spells ready to secure your Lava Hound push.

IV: Lava Hound deck Archetypes

There are 3 Lava-Deck archetypes; it is divided into Duo & Triple & Mass.

Duo-Lava Hound Deck

Duo-Lava Hound Deck implies only two offense cards, which are Lava Hound & Win Condition #2. That means, main push for this deck is very simple and straightforward, there are so many defensive cards you can use for the defense. The deck can start with a push or by defending. The deck will have two runner cards, that will do both pushing and defending.

Duo-Lava Hound decks are able to pump out the complete push before the Double Elixir time. They don’t have any special placements when pushing; Lava Hound first, and Win Condition #2 behind the Lava Hound.

Duo-Lava Hound deck usually costs 3.8.


  • Lava Hound: Win Condition #1 – Push
  • Balloon: Win Condition #2 – Push
  • Mega Minion: Runner #1 – Defense & Counter-Push
  • Minions: Runner #2 – Defense & Counter-Push
  • Goblin Gang: Ground Defense – Defensive
  • Tombstone: Spawner Building – Defensive
  • Fireball: Spell
  • Zap: Versatile Response Spell

Triple-Lava Hound Deck

Triple-Lava Hound deck implies 3 win conditions (offense cards) in 1 deck. The deck has balanced defense and offense, even though it was 3 win conditions. It’s going to be pretty tricky to prepare a complete push with 3 win conditions, you’ll have to play defensively first. Playing defensively means; not deploying Lava Hound until you finish your first defense. Deploy your Spawner Building on the center, and keep analyzing your opponent’s deck.

Eventually, when it comes to Double Elixir time, your pushes will be more powerful. Now that you have more Elixir to get, you’ll be able to generate the complete 3 conditions push. After the push, defend and than push again.

You can also counter-push without Lava Hound. For example, a Miner-Horde + Poison push.


  • Lava Hound: Main Condition
  • Balloon: Win Condition #2
  • Miner: Win Condition #3 / Counter-Pusher
  • Minion Horde: Air Swarm Units/Counter-Pusher #2
  • Minions: Runner
  • Skeletons: Cycler
  • Poison: Win Condition Spell
  • Zap: Versatile Response Spell

Mass-Lava Hound Deck

Mass-Lava Hound decks define the name itself; the mass of the units is important on this deck. This deck isn’t for ladder, it’s most likely for Challenge or Friendly battle. On this archetype, you can rush a tower quickly. However, there are some risks that you should take when using these types of decks since spells counter the swarms.

Tornado, Poison, Arrows and even Zap can wipe out all the units that you spent most Elixir on. Clone is your Main Condition spell on Mass-Lava deck since clone can double all the units in the deployed area. Miner will support the pups, bats and etc.. by tanking all the damages from others.


  • Lava Hound: Main Condition
  • Night Witch: Win Condition #2
  • Miner: Win Condition #3 / Counter-Pusher
  • Bandit: Main Ground Defense / Counter-Pusher #2
  • Minions: Runner #1
  • Mega Minion: Runner #2
  • Tombstone: Spawner Building
  • Zap: Versatile Response Spell

V: Lavaloon Slot Method

Lavaloon is the most common, but the most powerful Lava Hound deck out of any other Lava decks. What does Lavaloon stand for? Lava Hound + Balloon, so Lavaloon.

What is a Slot Method?

As /u/Team-Tea said on his Control Archetype GuideThe Slot Method is a deckbuilding template in which players fill cards into their deck depending on the specific role of the card. Also check out /u/MWolverine63 Slot Method Guide.

What is the Slot Method of Lavaloon?

  • Win Condition: Lava Hound
  • Win Condition #2
  • Runner #1
  • Runner #2
  • Ground Swarm Unit
  • Spawner Building
  • Spell
  • Versatile Response Spell

Now, I’ll explain the slots individually. Note that this is based on standard Lavaloon deck, and these decks based on these methods might not work.

[Slot 1]

Main Condition

This slot has to be Lava Hound since Lava Hound is the Main Condition of every Lavaloon decks. Win Condition should be placed first then any other card.

  • Main: Lava Hound

[Slot 2]

Win Condition #2

Win Condition #2 is the card that will offense together with the Main Condition, Lava Hound. Win Condition #2 will have to be able to Support the Main Condition throughout any situation, and eventually lock on to the tower and destroy it.

  • Tier 1 : Balloon
  • Tier 2 : Miner
  • Tier 3 : Night Witch

[Slot 3]

Runner #1

Runner has to both offense and defense; after defending, it will run into the offense. They’re likely versatile since they can be used for both offense and defense. Runners also can be efficient on counter-pushes. Runners also usually air units since they have to support the Lava Hound.

  • Tier 1 : Mega Minion – Mega Minion has powerful damage per hit, I would like to use Mega Minion for this slot instead of Minions.
  • Tier 2 : Inferno Dragon
  • Tier 3 : Flying Machine
  • Tier 3 : Minion Horde**

[Slot 4]

Runner #2

Runner #2 has the same role as Runner #1. Runner #2 can be a sub when Runner #1 is on the field, Runner #2 can be used when Runner #1 isn’t available on your hand. A ground unit can be used for this slot

  • Tier 1: Minions
  • Tier 2 : Cannon Cart
  • Tier 3 : Skeleton Barrel

[Slot 5]

Ground Swarm Unit

This slot will be the main ground defense card, it will be most likely a Swarm unit. This slot is useful when fighting Hog, Goblin Barrel and etc…The card should be likely placed on the center, so your opponent’s cards can be lured to the center. This placement also prevents from Elixir Advantage; your opponent can arrow, poison, zap your Swarm Units with Runners (Minions, Bats).

  • Main : Goblin Gang : I would use Goblin Gang most likely, since the goblins doesn’t die to Zap.
  • Sub : Skeleton Army, Guards

[Slot 6]

Spawner Building

Spawner Building will be used for luring your opponent’s card to the center, support the Lava Hound push and defend successfully by its assist. The card will be placed on center so it can lure the cards.

  • Main : Tombstone
  • Sub : Furnace
  • Investment : Elixir Collector

[Slot 7]


This spell can be heavy or semi-heavy, the spell can generate a great Elixir advantage. The spell will support the Lava Hound push throughout the situation.

  • Tier 1 : Fireball
  • Tier 2 : Lightning
  • Tier 3 : Poison

[Slot 8]

Versatile Response Spell

This slot should be ready to be deployed, as the name says, Versatile. This spell will support the Lava Hound push. The spell can also make a Elixir Advantage; Arrows against Minion Horde.

  • Tier 1 : Arrows
  • Tier 1 : Zap
  • Tier 2 : The Log

Spell Combos

There are 2 common spell combos that are used in Lava decks.

Fireball + Zap

  • Cheaper Elixir Cost
  • Can wipe out ranged units (Musketeers, 3M, Wizard and etc…)

Arrows + Lightning

  • Heavy but can affect heavy damage.
  • Elixir advantage against Minion Horde.

Other Slots that can be Switched

  • Tank Killer

Tank Killer, it defines the name itself. By it’s high DPS the tank killer will burn the tanks fast as possible, so you can start your Lava push after. You can also use your Tank Killer when counter-pushing. Tank Killer can be also a runner, where it does both defense and offense. But the main role of Tank Killer, is to burn the tank fast as it can, so you won’t use more Elixir and time to defend on it. If your Elixir is lacking out from defense, you’ll have hard time pumping out a Lava Hound push.

Inferno Dragon is the best Tank Killer currently on this meta, and the card also goes well with Lava Hound decks. By having Inferno Dragon, you’ll be able to safely defend opponent’s Mega Knight, Pekka, Golem and etc…Your deck will also have a Building, which means it will be harder for your opponent to successfully offense.

  • Cycler

Cycler also defines the name itself. (The) Cycler is very cheap and quick; it’s very versatile. You might need a Cycler card on your Lava deck, but it depends on your play style. The Cycler will formulate your hand (4 cards you can deploy in-game) to your Main Lava push. However, Cycler might not be effective on Lava Hound decks, since the push is very heavy. It will take up to 30~40 seconds for you to cycle (to Lava Hound and your Win Condition 2) on Lava decks.

This doesn’t mean you should have many more Cyclers on your Lava deck than it should. However, you should have at least one slot on your deck.

  • Runner Spells

This spell both can be used for offense and defense. There are many ways to make a move with the spells;

Cover Move: This move only acquires for Poison, since Poison is the continuous burning spell. As the name explains, this move covers your main condition and your win condition #2 from any swarm units such as Minion Horde, Goblin Gang, Guards. This move can gain you Elixir advantages, only if opponent overuses their Elixir on defense.

Instant Move: This move acquires for versatile response spells such as Arrows/Zap. When your opponent deploys Fire Spirit, spear goblins, Skeletons that barrel can’t wipe out, use your zap to eliminate them. Or else, your main condition and your barrel will get beaten up.

One Shot move: This move acquires for heavy spells such as Lightning/Rocket/Fireball. When you can make a huge positive elixir trade from this spell move, use your heavy spell to make a change. It will lead you to the victory if you could damage the tower and eliminate the units.

  • AoE Dealer, Splasher

These cards have special abilities; they can deal to everyone if they are near to each other or together. They are usually very effective on defense, since they have area damage ability. Baby Dragon is the best Splasher that you can aquire for your Lava Hound deck.

  • The “Effects Card”

This card has special effect that can control a certain push, or crowds. They are very useful supporter on defense, they synergizes well with other defense units.

VI: Decks

Now you mastered the Slot method now, I’ll show you all the Lava decks and their features.

Standard Lavaloon V1

  • Lava Hound : Main Condition
  • Balloon : Win Condition #2
  • Mega Minion : Runner #1
  • Minions : Runner #2
  • Goblin Gang : Swarm Units
  • Tombstone : Spawner Building
  • Fireball : Spell
  • Zap : Versatile Response Spell

This deck is the most standard Lavaloon deck, with a Balloon, two runners and Fireball + Zap spell combo. The deck has obvious offense combo, Lava Hound with Balloon.

Standard Lavaloon V2

  • Lava Hound : Main Condition
  • Balloon : Win Condition #2
  • Mega Minion : Runner #1
  • Minions : Runner #2
  • Guards : Swarm Units
  • Tombstone : Spawner Building
  • Lightning : Heavy Spell
  • Arrows : Versatile Response Spell/Swarm Wiper

This is the V2 of the standard Lavaloon deck. Guards, Lightning, Arrows are switched from the previous deck. This deck is way more powerful on double elixir time, Lightning will have great performance throughout the time.

Lava-Miner V1 – Duo

  • Lava Hound : Main Condition
  • Miner : Win Condition #2
  • Inferno Dragon : Runner #1 / Tank Burner
  • Mega Minion : Runner #2
  • Goblin Gang : Swarm Units
  • Tombstone : Spawner Building
  • Poison : Win Condition Spell
  • Arrows : Spell

This deck uses Lava Pups for the main condition, as well as Miner for assistant. That means, it’s okay if your Lava Hound dies quickly; your Lava Pups will be the ones that will do the work with Miner. There is poison spell on this deck, which makes this deck very special. As I said on the top, you can use the poison to make a Cover Move.

Lava-Miner V2 – Triple

  • Lava Hound : Main Condition
  • Miner : Win Condition #2
  • Night Witch : Runner #1 / Win Condition #3
  • Baby Dragon : Splasher / Runner #2
  • Poison : Win Condition Spell
  • Goblin Gang : Swarm Units
  • Tombstone : Spawner Building
  • Zap : Versatile Response Spell

The combination of Lava Hound, Miner and Night-Witch has been acquired on this deck. This deck takes a while to build a complete Lava-Miner push. This deck is completely a Monster on double Elixir time, you’ll be able to stack up cards for a complete push. Night witch acts as a Runner on this card, since Miner is a Win Condition #2. The deck is pretty similar with the Lava-Miner deck on the top, but this deck is more powerful on the Double Elixir time.

Lava-Miner V3 – Heavy Build

  • Lava Hound : Main Condition
  • Balloon : Win Condition #2
  • Minion Horde : Runner / Swarm Units
  • Miner : Counter-Pusher / Semi-Tanker
  • Minions : Runner #2
  • Skeletons : Cycler
  • Fire Spirits : Cycler #2
  • Zap : Versatile Response Spell

The deck is very heavy; complete push will be hard to be deployed before the double Elixir time. This deck has two cyclers, which will help you cycle to your Main Condition/Win Condition fast. However, defending with this deck will be much harder, since 3 of the slots are for offense only.

Lava-NW – Mass Deck

  • Lava Hound : Main Condition
  • Night Witch : Win Condition #2
  • Clone : Main Condition Spell
  • Inferno Dragon : Tank Burner
  • Minions : Runner
  • Tombstone : Spawner Building
  • Zap : Versatile Response Card
  • Elixir Collector : Investment Building

VII: Interactions & History of Lava Hound

  • If the damage is ignored except for the towers, Lava Hound deals 720 damage, Pups deal 1215 damage.
  • On May 18th, 2016, a Balance Update increased the Lava Hound’s hitpoints by 3% and Lava Pup’s hitpoints by 9%.
  • On June 21st, 2016, a Balance Update increased the Lava Hound’s (not pups) damage by 28%
  • On November 30th, 2016, a Balance Update decreased the Lava Pup’s hitpoints by 1%. This was to fix a rounding error where a level 12 arena tower should’ve been able to kill level 4 lava pups in two shots.
  • On 24/1/18, a Balance Update increased the Lava Hounds hitpoints by 5%.

VIII: Conclusion & TL;DR

Lava Hound has been a good Air tank, it synergizes well with other cards. When building your own Lava Hound deck; whether it’s Lavaloon or Lava-Miner or others, you should consider this Slot Method.

  • Main Condition: Lava Hound
  • Win Condition #2
  • Runner #1
  • Runner #2
  • Ground Swarm Unit
  • Spawner Building
  • Spell
  • Versatile Response Spell

The Slot method explains the variation of the Standard Lavaloon deck.

To Conclude…

I hope you enjoyed this long guide! It really feels good to both contribute to this community, and have fun making! My current goal is to obtain a legendary flair, thanks to everybody that supported me throughout my guides!

I’ll see you guys on my next guide/post, have a great day!


How to Counter the Mega Knight
Strategy Guides, Tips,

It doesn’t matter if you have a counter to the Mega Knight

What makes this card op, isn’t his offensive skills. There are a lot of possible equal or positive elixir trades to Counter the Mega Knight. The real problems are something else:

Defensive Skills

Alright, i got it. You have a knight and Tesla, an inferno dragon or Pekka in your deck. But one reason that he is op is how well he does at defense. Just drop him on the glass cannons and swarm the tank against a push, he survives with 50% of his health against an EB-fire spirit combo, he smashes bridge span to the ground, etc.. You might be able to counter him, but your opponent keeps making positive elixir trades. You will think back to the advantage more and more throughout the game when on some point he jumps on your tower and the game is done. This gives you the feeling that his problem is offense.

Enemy field Control

Even if you have a counter, they will rarely ever survive. At this point some of you want to tell me “but i can counter him with [insert air unit]!” Well, there are arrows, zap, glass cannons ETC.. The list goes on, and these people will try to protect him, just how they did with the hog, who got nerfed anyways. The point is, you can defend a lot of cards with an equal elixir trade and have enough survivors to build up a push. This is not the case with the Mega Knight. As he has a jumping ability you are given a small reaction time. Another backfire is that you may not have enough elixir to defend, as he might have just destroyed the push you have invested so much elixir in. Both of these equals you not being able to fully defend him or investing too much elixir, just so he doesn’t jump on your tower.

I think I explained enough. I cheerfully greet your Pekka with a goblin gang and if you have defeated players who play Mega Knight, about 50 gagillion times, it’s because your deck is made for him.

Thanks for reading!

<pre><pre> Tornado - The Advanced Guide!
Arena 10, Arena 11, Arena 8, Arena 9, Guides, Strategy Guides, Tips,

Tornado – The Advanced Guide!

Through the multiple metas of Clash Royale, Tornado has always been a great card to have on virtually any deck.

Because of the special ability of this card, we can make tons of great moves.

In this page we will show you the best uses of it.

  • The Tornado is unlocked from the Arena 6 (Builder’s Workshop).
  • This card is an arena damage spell with 3 elixirs with moderate.
  • The Tornado pulls troops (only troops) to the center of the spell, which makes them vulnerable to splash damage. When firing, the units may still attack
  • The Tornado does not damage the buildings, so you do not need to worry about setting off the King’s Turn when you use it.
Cost Radius ] Time Target Type Rarity
35.52.5 secTroopsFateEpic
Level Damage by Second [19659020] 1 44


Tornado or Zap?

After some recent changes in balance in Clash Royale, our beloved Tornado has got big indirect buffs. 19659002] Tornado is now a great alternative to Zap because:

  • Kill Goblins (Zap can not do it anymore). Although it is a negative elixir, do it in very bad cases.
  • Can fire Goblin Goblins off the Tower, to trigger the King’s Turn. The same goes to Hog Rider, Giant etc
  • Can counter Minion Horde with the help of Crown Tower.
  • May bring the Princess within range of your Tower. Let her taste the arrows of her sister
  • Kill any troop of Zap baits without assistance: Fire Spirits, Skeleton Army, Goblins, Spear Goblin, Goblin Thunder, etc.

Zap is only better for reinitializing Inferno / Princes / Sparky / etc and dealing damage to Towers

Here are the best uses of Tornado

  • Defending a target: elite come to your Sorcerer? Keep them away from your sorcerer while he mows them.
  • Put it together: The Princess, the Ice Wizard, the Magician and any other splashing unit love the Tornado! While keeping enemy troops away from the tornado, Tornado will group and damage them, making the most of your Princess, Ice Wizard, etc.
  • Damage dealt – Tornado can kill the Skeleton Army and put Minions in HP 1 shot. This is probably one of the least useful aspects because there are so many cards that do it better.
  • Force a target: Want to force the Cavalier, Miner, Golem, Giant, Lava Hound etc. of the opponent to target your King’s Tower? Yes, it’s gone!
  • Forcing Target: The opponent’s Barbarians are trying to prevent your Rider from falling on the last shot? Shoot them back with Tornado!
  • Do more damage: keep enemy troops far enough away so your infernal dragon or Inferno turn deals more damage!
  • Change Attack Order: Assuming your opponent sends a Royal Giant and a Mega Liar, but your turn targets the Royal Giant instead of the Mega Minion. Use Tornado to remove them! Because of their different speeds of movement, the Mega Minion will be hit by the Tower first

You do it badly

Do not use Tornado to force the Miner to activate your King’s Tower more than 39 ;Once!

Tornado is one of the best Clash Royale spells. To continue to do that is a waste. Take a look at many of the cases that I listed above.

Your Tornado Decks should have splash damage. Also, do not let this ridiculously OP defense out of your arsenal

Things You Might Not Have Thought of

  1. If You Paste the Defenders of Your opponent at his turn, your Princess
  2. Hog Rider can be shot in the middle and killed quickly without making a single shot at the Tower.
  3. Split thrusts can be shot in the middle.
  4. Giant Bridge, If your opponent attempts to take your second turn by placing the Royal Giant in the middle, remove it so that it targets the King’s Tower instead.
  5. Use Tornado to help your Infernal Dragon do a lot more damage and deal with distractions
  6. Elite barbarians locked on your turn? Shoot them to the King’s Tower or shoot and insert your Guards into the tank
  7. Tornado can also be used to separate the Elite Barbarians from your opponent! Tornado them in the center and then use Ice Spirit.
  8. Always try to shoot huge thrusts towards the middle so that your two Towers can join the fight.
  9. The Royal Giant can be removed for 3 seconds defenders, preventing it from doing 2 hits
  10. Ball can never hit your turn If you have Tornado on your Deck
  11. Clump defending troops at the tower so that your Sparky can remove them all at the same time.
  12. Shoot the Lava Hound in the middle so that your towers are not hit while the lava puppies also activate the king’s tower. Even if the opponent’s Miner takes damage, you still have 2 turns (including King’s Tower) in defense

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Basic Usages

  • Shoot Rider, Giant, Golem etc. The King’s Tower Simply place the Tornado 1-2 tiles of the King Tower in the center.
  • Change the way of a unit when it is near the center. (Shoot 3 Musketeers etc.)
  • Kill Princess / Clones for Equal Exchange
  • Shoot the defending units placed behind the Tower, prevent your troops from being distracted.
  • Group / Hold units to get the most out of your unit. Price / Ice Wizard / Inferno Tower / Assistant / etc
  • Shoot the support troops of the opponent to prevent them from being damaged while his tank is being dealt
  • Decent Against Graveyard.

He fires all units, both and on the ground, whatever their weight. He does not kill anything stronger than Goblins, which means he can not kill the Minions.

Tornado can not fire ground units on the river but flying units

As PEKKA and Golem are long enough, can easily use Tornado to pull them to the other lane If they are near the center .

The Tornado can fire units that are not working (being charged).

You can take advantage of this to shoot the Giant attacking your Tower towards the center, forcing it to attack the Cannon:

But if the unit is already working and you try to move her away from where she wants to go, she will resist the tornado. However, if you pull it to its intended destination, it will be fired a lot faster. Use it wisely in different situations.

This spell seriously contradicts Miner. If your opponent is playing Miner as below, use your Tornado to force him to activate King’s Tower:

Other tricks:

  • ] When the Inferno Dragon is locked on your turn and you do not have Zap / Lightning, use Tornado to move it away.
  • If your opponent uses the Pig Push to bypass your defensive building in the center, use the Tornado to counteract his movement
  • If your opponent uses the Tornado in Defense, take advantage of it by using Hog / Giant for l & # 39; accelerate.
  • Tornado does not break the charge of Prince or Sparky.
  • Giant away from your Tower, force him to attack the other building (see more in the video below).


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<pre><pre> Oldschool Royal Giant Goblin Hut Deck for F2Ps
Arena 10, Arena 11, Arena 8, Arena 9, Deck Building, Royal Giant, Strategy Guides, Tips,

Oldschool Royal Giant Goblin Hut Deck for F2Ps

Hi guys, I'm calling Mr.Kevin and I wanted to share a very old royal royal deck that I've been using for years. This deck has brought me to my first legendary trophies (in older versions) and has helped me compete well in the legendary arena.

He uses the Royal Giant as the primary condition for victory and only the Goblin Hut as a secondary victory condition (I like to call it the Giant-Goblin Hut's control bridge.)

Over the course of many meta updates have not lost its effectiveness, and although this is not a perfect bridge, I can say with certainty that it is able to counter almost any card in the world of Clash Royale.

This deck is quite difficult to use (4.4 elixirs on average) and requires a lot of patience, but with total control it is an almost impenetrable defense and a victorious crown

Without further ado, here is cards required for the control bridge of the Giant-Goblin royal:

Oldschool Royal Giant Goblin Hut Deck for F2Ps

Oldschool Royal Giant Goblin Hut Deck for F2Ps