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Ultimate Guide to the Rocket


Today, I will talk about the Rocket Stats, Why Use Rocket, Rocket vs Pump, Cycling, Synergies,  Decks. I have the impression that it is an incredible card to run in this meta. It’s one of the best maps of the meta if you know how to use it properly.

I am u/GasterCR. I am an F2P player running spell bait with a PB of 4120. This is also my first strategy guide, so it might not be very good. I will be looking to strategists like u/edihau to improve. Let’s get into the guide


  • Cost: 6 elixirs
  • Radius: 2 tiles
  • Target: Earth and Air
  • Type: Magic Rare
  • damage (Lvl 7): 1232
  • Crown Tower damage (Lvl 7): 493

Why should you use the rocket?

The Rocket is the ultimate anti-meta card right now. This is the worst nightmare of a player of three musketeers. It can also take pumps and xbows for an equal exchange (which are quite heavy in the meta). He can also stop a mortar + archers + knight thrust, eBarbs, and glass cannons behind the tower. Although sparky is rare in this meta, it’s the 2nd best card vs sparky (the best is ewiz).

Rocket vs pump

When you see a pump on the board, there are 2 possible scenarios

  1. They play a golem/lava hound/PPP deck. Rocket should be used on the pumps even when it is placed in the middle
  2. They play 3 musketeers. DO NOT COLD THE PUMP IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PEKKA! They will fuck you with 3 musketeers when you do not have a pawn.
  3. They play another card game. Try to launch them and see what happens.

You must know the deck that they play

  • Cards that indicate the beat: Baby Dragon, Lightning, Mega Minion, Golem – • Cards that indicate 3M: Battle Ram, Minion Horde, Ice Golem
  • Neutral cards (Do not worry a lot about the game): Goblin Gang, Bats, Goblins, Night Witch

Although it’s with lightning instead of rocket, Hazard does a good job explaining that it’s CWA’s video Pekka Hog (Link in comments)


If your pig stops logging, or if your goblin barrel continues to be connected, you can make a bike rocket in the tower. It’s a risky move, so I’m going to clear up on when to deploy a rocket:

  • If the tower is under 494 with less than 15 seconds on the clock
  • If there is a health unit of less than 1232 that costs 3 or more to the tower (Bowler is also good for the rocket.) You should not really throw armored units and swarms in addition to the princesses, archers and barbed wire.
  • If there is no key unit to launch or open in the opponent’s base and you have a full bar or a defense


Mirror: Quite explicit. You can finish the game in overtime if they have <986 health on their turn

Goblin Barrel: You can hide the cannon if you time the deployment on the right. Even if you do not, the rocket will destroy the troop of your opponents and it will inflict more than 1200 points of damage with baited spells (Only good in overtime)

Tornado: You crush all units and kill them (All that is up to a Knight will die to that I think)

Minor: The rocket doubles the damage and eliminates the minor counter of the opponents

Tanks: Rocket gets rid of defenses (mostly hells and killers) and the tank continues


  • Rocket Spell Bait(The meta): Inferno, Goblin Barrel, Goblin Gang, Knight, Princess, Log, Ice Spirit, Rocket(duh)
  • 2.6 Miner Rocket Miner, Rocket(duh), Archers, Cannon, Log, Skeletons, Ice Spirit, Ice Golem
  • Hog Rocket: Hog, Rocket(duh), Log, Ice Wizard, Ice Spirit, Guards, Mini Pekka, Princess
  • Gaster’s Zap Bait(Just wanted to include my own hand-crafted deck, anti-Golem Lightning): Bowler, Rocket(duh), Inferno Tower, Fire Spirits, Minion Horde, Goblin Gang, Goblin Barrel, Log
  • 2.9 Mortar Cycle(Mortar Mauler, Anti-Log Bait): Mortar, Rocket(duh), Arrows, Log, Knight, Archers, Skeletons, Ice Spirit

Edit: Added Woody’s Mortar Cycle to the Decks section and made the guide more readable

Edit 2: Added another line after the heading so the guide is clear for mobile users

Edit 3: Made most of the lists clear for mobile users. You just have to view them with 2 dots in front. I still can’t fix the list in section 5 tho.

Edit 4: Changed 2 possibilities to 3

Thank you for reading this guide. I hope you learned something. Peace and make sure to DAB ON EM HATERS!

<pre><pre> Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge

Hey guys, HS aka derpy boy here, introducing you to another guide! Here Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge.

This deck contains Mega Knight, so some of you might think this game is boring, but I assure you this is not the case! This deck is lighter than Mega Knight P.E.K.K.A and slightly heavier than Mega Knight Miner.

Introducing the GIANT Mega Knight (happy medium).

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridge
Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridge

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge


  • Packs a lot of punch
  • Not so difficult to use
  • Kills the seat, and has a bit of advantage over the control


  • A little weak against other beatdown decks
  • Quite heavy
  • Easy to get stuck in a bad cycle
  • Legendary Heavy

The Mega Giant Deck

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge Mega Knight

Have you ever tried using a Mega Knight deck without Mega Knight? It’s pretty hard to do that in my opinion.

This guy does a lot of things in this game.

In defense, his spawn damage helps clean the glass cannons. His splash attack takes care of several cards behind a tank, or alone. It can also be used to eliminate a headquarters building, but Giant is better at this.

At the attack, he cleans the way of Giant and himself. He is also able to kill Inferno Tower (if supported by Zap). But try not to use it, especially in attack because it can not hit the air and costs 7 elixirs.

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge Giant

He is the main attack card as he is very tanky and targets only the buildings!

It should be mainly used to tank other support troops, such as Mega Knight and Electro Wizard.

It can also be used to ride a bike and rush it is so cheap! This makes it safer to play than a P.E.K.K.A or a Golem.

Of course, you can always rush with a single Bandit, but he’s a lot more tanky and powerful, just for 2 more elixirs! Do not use it to defend, however

It is quite useless in defense because it does not target the troops.

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge Bandit

Your main damage to the dealer until the last minute (of course, it can also be used at the last minute).

This card offers a lot of value for 3 elixirs, and it combines very well with Mega Knight! In fact, it’s in all the MK decks I know except MK Hog and MK Balloon.

She should mostly be used at the attack because of her shooting ability, but she is as good in defense!

Do not let the swarms kill her (Skeletons, Gobs, Witch, etc.), and everything will be fine.

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge Electro Wizard

This guy has He has retained the title of “best legendary card” since 1990.

Even after the nerve, he is still good because of its “amazing” ability to slow down and reset troops for only 4 elixirs! Unlike his Ice Wizard brother, he can be used in both attack and defense!

In defense, it can be used to close swarm cards with spawn damage, and kill medium-sized troops, such as Hog Rider, Mini PEKKA, even a knight!

In attack, he will be your reliable Inferno Dragon / Tower marker

He may also serve as a Minions / Bats marker, but I do not recommend it.

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge Inferno Dragon

He will be your tank killer in this game! Since nothing else in this deck is causing much damage, it will be vital against clashes.

If they use a Giant / Golem deck, you should not use it except in defense.

If they play PEKKA / Mega Knight, things get interesting.

You can actually use it in attack! He can actually kill them because of his damage, but you should not rely on this combo because it can easily be stopped by a single Electro Wizard, which many people use.

So desperate, he can even kill a Hog while taking only 3 to 4 shots! But I do not recommend it because there are better options in this deck

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge Elixir Collector

The Key to making this super heavy deck work!

If ignored, this card generates an Elixir advantage! It forces your opponent to react quickly, while generating free Elixir! That sounds wonderful, is not it?

But beware, this card costs 6 elixirs, so follow these rules when you want to drop this card:

  1. You must have at least 9 elixirs.
  2. You know that they can not rush you because they’ve just used their win condition (like Hog Rider), or dropped a support card at the back.
  3. You know that he can not just destroy it with a spell
  4. You have a perfect hand to defend.

Rule number 3 may be broken in some cases, for example when your opponent has a much faster cycle, or when you want to catch his big spell. It also ruins their game plan, so it’s not a total mess.

And if your opponent does not give you the time to drop one, I’ve won a lot of games without losing a single Elixir Collector!

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge Arrows

Clearance of the swarm.

Use it against the gob Barrel, Minions, Minion Horde, etc.

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge Zap

Unlike arrows, you can use it in various situations. For example, you can stun their Troops / Inferno Tower to give you that precious benefit! 0.5 seconds is longer than you think! Of course, you can also erase swarms with this.

Replacements :

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridge

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridge

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridge

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridge [19659002] Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridge

General Gameplan

First minute:

Passively playing is the key here

Your job right now would be to make positive Elixir trades.

Play lone Bandit to understand the general type your opponent is running, and to know what your opponent would use to counter Giant + MK

You can make Elixir positive trades with the Elixir Collector (protect at all costs). Make sure to follow the 4 rules of Elixir Collector that I mentioned above!

As for the baiting of their pawns (Inferno Tower / Dragon, PEKKA, Mini PEKKA and other high DPS troops), attack by counter-attack! let’s say you defended a Hog push with Ewiz and Bandit. Just throw a Giant to form a powerful push!

But do not use MK to counter the thrust because it’s too risky, and it will explode your surprise factor.

If you succeed in understanding your opponent’s pieces, try to think of how to counter the counter (pun intended).

If your opponent’s high DPS troop is PEKKA, then I’ll drop an Inferno dragon instead of ewiz behind Giant + MK. If it is Inferno Dragon / Tower, try to make sure that ewiz locks on it

But do not put these actions into practice until the timer has reached the Double Elixir’s time.

Second Minute: [19659002] You should make positive trades, perfect your cycle, and generally prepare yourself for the massive push that will end your opponent at this minute.

You can still install pumps if you wish, until 1:30. As for the cycle, your favorite cycle would be something like this:

Giant (to be placed at the back), MK, ewiz, spell, bandit, etc.

Do not forget to bait their chips! 19659002] You should also have done some minor damage to be ready if your push fails. When the clock hits 1:10, put a Giant at the back, the side you are defending

Last Minute – Overtime

It’s time to release the beasts!

slowly put the brackets behind. But be sure to be slow because they could rush while you spend all your elixir on your thrust, or you could open a chance for a valuable spell.

After your thrust passes the bridge, drop everything!

They should have found their chips now, so play according to the situation.

If your push does not remove the tower, no worries! If their HP Tower is around 400, just defend and spell the cycle.

Otherwise, go into overtime and use all the positive Elixir exchanges you made very early!


Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge Normal Poison Minor

If your opponent used a Minor and did not drop an Elixir Collector, there are good chances that his counter is Inferno Tower, which is not easy to remove

Inferno Tower completely kills Giant, so you should not expect a crown before Double Elixir.

The defense part is easier. Use your Bandit to protect your Collector Tower / Elixir from his Miner, use Ewiz for Bandit and you should be good.

When you hit Double Elixir, try to stack troops so that your ewiz is not distracted by anything.

Since they must rely solely on Inferno Tower, Ewiz locked on it is automatic three crowns for you. But if they are really good at stalling your Ewiz, then you may have to play for a draw

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge PEKKA Minor Poison

The One This is a bit easier than the normal variant because of how Giant just ignores PEKKA and deals damage to Tower. Play it as the normal variant, except that you will instead rely on Inferno Dragon instead of Electro Wizard

Siege: a piece of cake. You have 2 strong markers to besiege; MK and Giant. These cards are rather heavy, so be careful when placing your Elixir Collector (you may not have the chance to use it at all!), And it will be an easy win for you.

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge Log Bait

Even easier than the siege!

You have 2 spells, leading to massive positive Elixir exchanges (ex: Gob Gang + Barrel- Zap + Arrows = + 1 exchange!

Regarding the attack, play the same way as The Miner Control (Inferno Tower).

If it’s the MK variant, space your troops so that it can not eliminate all your thrust.] Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge Three Musketeers

Not too popular nowadays, these girls can be a threat to your shot because you can not kill them directly with a spell, and they carry as many DPS! 19659002] In defense, it ‘s really easy.Mk on the 2 Musketeers, and use the rest on the other

This match is not too hard, try to get some damage from the beginning and you could even win!

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge Hog Rider

P hard, half of your deck is an opponent to Hog and they probably will not have a reliable tank killer in their deck, thus making your push unstoppable.

Use Ewiz for Hog, and Bandit for media.

If they urge you, you just have to defend with a Bandit to create an Elixir advantage.

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge Golem [19659002

They would still have an advantage over you because of the amount of health of the Golem compared to Giant And this deck can not Do not rush, so put Inferno Dragon / Pump when they use their Golem.

Then their thrust crosses the bridge, drops MK on their support troops, and Inferno Dragon on the Golem.

The attack would not be too hard since Golem decks rarely use a high HP and DPS troop, so always try to do more damage than them.

If it goes into overtime (1-1) which is pretty common (so expect this situation and inflict damage in both rounds), become aggressive in the center, use MK, Bandit, Giant to your advantage [19659002] It’s OK to lose in this match


Well, that’s pretty much all about this card game. This deck has always given me easy wins, and it’s frequently used by binders! I hope you get victories with this game! Have a clashtastic day!

Note: There is a survey built into this post, please visit the site to participate in the survey of this post.

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Giant Goblin Clash Royale

Giant Goblin – new maps in the Clash Royale.

An idea for new maps in the Clash Royale.
Card name: Giant Goblin.
Rarity: Legendary
Health:level 1 – 550
Level 2 – 575
Level 3 – 589
Level 4 – 605
Level 5 – 622
Damage: level 1 – 110
Level 2 – 118
Level 3 – 127
Level 4 – 136
Level 5 – 145
Movement speed: 1.6 seconds.
Feature and mechanics of the card:
This unit is a normal giant with a small level of health.Only attack building in his death throws the barrel with the goblins, in compliance with the level on the side of the tower depending on the situation.

<pre><pre> Do not forget that Cannon Cart is one of the most over-priced cards of Clash Royale ... </p> Reasons why you should use the Cannon cart

Hey guys, this is AxureFangz here back with a bridge, a Cannon Cart deck!

This card is just great! I have been using the Cannon Cart for quite a while, and I see that people do not know how to defend it properly! They do not know their characteristic and they do not know its defenseless defenses. For more information, click here ! It is so surprising that a Cannon Cart can remove an entire Mega Knight without any support! Whatever it is, put the bridge in the bridge!

Hands down, this is one (if not only) of the best maps of the game to be associated with splashing units. Tornado can accumulate enemy troops, allowing your executioner to run out!

This card can shoot Goblin barrels, miners, pig riders, golems, giants etc. to your turn the king, which drags him.


Identify the bridge of your opponents! This will facilitate your fighting, allowing you to play with confidence.

The best movements for opening are:

    • Giant in the back
    • Cannon Cart in the back
    • Cannon Cart to the bridge (Surprise, I have a basket Cannon!)

Bats on the bridge

  • Ice Spirit at the bridge (only if the Ice Spirit level is the same or higher than your opponent’s King Tower level.)
  • Crushed 2 tiles in front of King Tower (due to its slow speed, and you do not want a Fireball to give it value.)


In 1x, keep pressing. It is only a platform of elixir 3.6 beating, which means you can easily return to the card you need.

In 2x, here is where it becomes CRAZY.

This is where you can freely place all troops. Do you have a dead giant? Throw another down! Oh, you think you need another Cannon Cart, go crazy!

Your counterweights will also be more deadly, as you will have a ton of troops for defense, and you will throw a giant in front and GG.

Matchups :

Golem –

***Clash Royale Golem***

Use Executioner + Tornado + Ice Spirit (if necessary) to get rid of the support.

But, first, use Giant whenever they place their tank at the back, or an Elixir Collector, on the opposite lane. This is called pressure.

For Golem, Cannon Cart can easily eradicate a Golem, even if you can let the enemy support units destroy its shield, pulling the Golem towards it. However, this requires skill, perfect timing and much elixir. Even a Lightning can do the same!

Lavaloon –

Clash Royale Lava Hound Lavaloon – Really simple.

Use Exenado + Ice Spirit. When Lavahound is placed, go Giant + Cannon Cart + Bats (optional) on the opposite lane.

Try biking to Bats to help take away anything else.

Keep placing Elixir Collectors, so they can destroy a Fireball / Lightning. E-Wiz does good against these things too.


Clash Royale Giant Giant- Easy, but be careful.

I say you should be careful, as they will have more Elixir to support their Giant.

If they place their giant at the back, place them on the opposite lane to the bridge. This will make them decide to support their giant or defend your giant.

Clash Royale Hog Rider “width =” 70 “height =” 84 “/> Hog Rider – Pretty easy.

You have Cannon Cart, Tornado, Bats and Electro Wizard.

Ideally Tornado should be used for a solitary Hog, but for big thrusts, Cannon Cart and E-Wiz got it.

Do not forget to drop Giant right after.

Elixir Collectors will not be too important in this game.

Bada Bada Ram (Battle Ram) – It may not be common but sometimes can be a pain .

E-Wiz should clean the Battle Ram. Bats can also do the job, but it is risky, as they could the Zap!

Exenado or Fireball + Tornado for support.

Three Mousketeers – Also quite easy.

Clash Royal Three Musketeers “width =” 70 “height =” 84 “/>

If they place Elixir Collector, you can

  • Place your collector of elixir
  • Pressure with the giant and the bats at the bridge.

They divide their 3M, you can Tornado + Fireball turn them into the most damaged turn. Or you can have Cannon Cart + Ice Spirit for 2M + Support and Bats for 1M.

Hey guys, this is AxureFangz here back with a bridge, a Cannon Cart deck! Real annoying confrontation.

A Cannon Cart is ideal for defense, but when they are too troops, you will need extra support.

For Goblin Barrel, Tornado it to King Tower.

The hangman and E-Wiz are invaluable because they will be forced to charge 101% for an offense.

Bats are doing wonders for Knight, Goblin Gang and Princess. They can also distract an Inferno Tower. Ice Spirit, too, can take a Goblin Gang, place it behind the Spear Goblins, pulling the Goblin Punch, freezing each Goblin for 1 elixir!

Try to pack your defense and throw a giant front. Always throw the bats at the bridge. They can squeeze your support, so keep things spaced!

PEKKA / Mega Knight-

Clash Royale P.E.K.K.A “PEKKA / Mega Knight- It depends on their support.

Cannon Cart is the key to defense. Really, Cannon Cart+Executioner + Ice Spirit/Tornado can destroy a PEKKA plus its support. Throws a giant afterwards. Continue to load support troops behind your Giant, so your opponent can place a PEKKA to kill your Giant.

I was surprised when I saw a single Cannon Cart remove a Mega Knight alone! Including his jump, he was not able to kill him!

E-Wiz and Bats should do well for the support. Add the Executioner or Spirit of Ice if necessary. You guessed it, PLAY A GIANT.

Clash Royale Miner Miner Poison / Control- Cannon Cart and Tornado is a blessing!

A cannon basket while support, and Tornado can continue to shoot the minor to your turn King. If Miner, your Elixir Collector, use E-Wiz, not Bats. However, an intelligent player would use their Poison.



I really appreciate this platform, and I hope you will have it too!

Peace out!