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<pre><pre> Tornado - The Advanced Guide!
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Tornado – The Advanced Guide!

Through the multiple metas of Clash Royale, Tornado has always been a great card to have on virtually any deck.

Because of the special ability of this card, we can make tons of great moves.

In this page we will show you the best uses of it.

  • The Tornado is unlocked from the Arena 6 (Builder’s Workshop).
  • This card is an arena damage spell with 3 elixirs with moderate.
  • The Tornado pulls troops (only troops) to the center of the spell, which makes them vulnerable to splash damage. When firing, the units may still attack
  • The Tornado does not damage the buildings, so you do not need to worry about setting off the King’s Turn when you use it.
Cost Radius ] Time Target Type Rarity
35.52.5 secTroopsFateEpic
Level Damage by Second [19659020] 1 44


Tornado or Zap?

After some recent changes in balance in Clash Royale, our beloved Tornado has got big indirect buffs. 19659002] Tornado is now a great alternative to Zap because:

  • Kill Goblins (Zap can not do it anymore). Although it is a negative elixir, do it in very bad cases.
  • Can fire Goblin Goblins off the Tower, to trigger the King’s Turn. The same goes to Hog Rider, Giant etc
  • Can counter Minion Horde with the help of Crown Tower.
  • May bring the Princess within range of your Tower. Let her taste the arrows of her sister
  • Kill any troop of Zap baits without assistance: Fire Spirits, Skeleton Army, Goblins, Spear Goblin, Goblin Thunder, etc.

Zap is only better for reinitializing Inferno / Princes / Sparky / etc and dealing damage to Towers

Here are the best uses of Tornado

  • Defending a target: elite come to your Sorcerer? Keep them away from your sorcerer while he mows them.
  • Put it together: The Princess, the Ice Wizard, the Magician and any other splashing unit love the Tornado! While keeping enemy troops away from the tornado, Tornado will group and damage them, making the most of your Princess, Ice Wizard, etc.
  • Damage dealt – Tornado can kill the Skeleton Army and put Minions in HP 1 shot. This is probably one of the least useful aspects because there are so many cards that do it better.
  • Force a target: Want to force the Cavalier, Miner, Golem, Giant, Lava Hound etc. of the opponent to target your King’s Tower? Yes, it’s gone!
  • Forcing Target: The opponent’s Barbarians are trying to prevent your Rider from falling on the last shot? Shoot them back with Tornado!
  • Do more damage: keep enemy troops far enough away so your infernal dragon or Inferno turn deals more damage!
  • Change Attack Order: Assuming your opponent sends a Royal Giant and a Mega Liar, but your turn targets the Royal Giant instead of the Mega Minion. Use Tornado to remove them! Because of their different speeds of movement, the Mega Minion will be hit by the Tower first

You do it badly

Do not use Tornado to force the Miner to activate your King’s Tower more than 39 ;Once!

Tornado is one of the best Clash Royale spells. To continue to do that is a waste. Take a look at many of the cases that I listed above.

Your Tornado Decks should have splash damage. Also, do not let this ridiculously OP defense out of your arsenal

Things You Might Not Have Thought of

  1. If You Paste the Defenders of Your opponent at his turn, your Princess
  2. Hog Rider can be shot in the middle and killed quickly without making a single shot at the Tower.
  3. Split thrusts can be shot in the middle.
  4. Giant Bridge, If your opponent attempts to take your second turn by placing the Royal Giant in the middle, remove it so that it targets the King’s Tower instead.
  5. Use Tornado to help your Infernal Dragon do a lot more damage and deal with distractions
  6. Elite barbarians locked on your turn? Shoot them to the King’s Tower or shoot and insert your Guards into the tank
  7. Tornado can also be used to separate the Elite Barbarians from your opponent! Tornado them in the center and then use Ice Spirit.
  8. Always try to shoot huge thrusts towards the middle so that your two Towers can join the fight.
  9. The Royal Giant can be removed for 3 seconds defenders, preventing it from doing 2 hits
  10. Ball can never hit your turn If you have Tornado on your Deck
  11. Clump defending troops at the tower so that your Sparky can remove them all at the same time.
  12. Shoot the Lava Hound in the middle so that your towers are not hit while the lava puppies also activate the king’s tower. Even if the opponent’s Miner takes damage, you still have 2 turns (including King’s Tower) in defense

Shared by darchangels13

Basic Usages

  • Shoot Rider, Giant, Golem etc. The King’s Tower Simply place the Tornado 1-2 tiles of the King Tower in the center.
  • Change the way of a unit when it is near the center. (Shoot 3 Musketeers etc.)
  • Kill Princess / Clones for Equal Exchange
  • Shoot the defending units placed behind the Tower, prevent your troops from being distracted.
  • Group / Hold units to get the most out of your unit. Price / Ice Wizard / Inferno Tower / Assistant / etc
  • Shoot the support troops of the opponent to prevent them from being damaged while his tank is being dealt
  • Decent Against Graveyard.

He fires all units, both and on the ground, whatever their weight. He does not kill anything stronger than Goblins, which means he can not kill the Minions.

Tornado can not fire ground units on the river but flying units

As PEKKA and Golem are long enough, can easily use Tornado to pull them to the other lane If they are near the center .

The Tornado can fire units that are not working (being charged).

You can take advantage of this to shoot the Giant attacking your Tower towards the center, forcing it to attack the Cannon:

But if the unit is already working and you try to move her away from where she wants to go, she will resist the tornado. However, if you pull it to its intended destination, it will be fired a lot faster. Use it wisely in different situations.

This spell seriously contradicts Miner. If your opponent is playing Miner as below, use your Tornado to force him to activate King’s Tower:

Other tricks:

  • ] When the Inferno Dragon is locked on your turn and you do not have Zap / Lightning, use Tornado to move it away.
  • If your opponent uses the Pig Push to bypass your defensive building in the center, use the Tornado to counteract his movement
  • If your opponent uses the Tornado in Defense, take advantage of it by using Hog / Giant for l & # 39; accelerate.
  • Tornado does not break the charge of Prince or Sparky.
  • Giant away from your Tower, force him to attack the other building (see more in the video below).


Shared by min_58

<pre><pre> Oldschool Royal Giant Goblin Hut Deck for F2Ps
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Oldschool Royal Giant Goblin Hut Deck for F2Ps

Hi guys, I'm calling Mr.Kevin and I wanted to share a very old royal royal deck that I've been using for years. This deck has brought me to my first legendary trophies (in older versions) and has helped me compete well in the legendary arena.

He uses the Royal Giant as the primary condition for victory and only the Goblin Hut as a secondary victory condition (I like to call it the Giant-Goblin Hut's control bridge.)

Over the course of many meta updates have not lost its effectiveness, and although this is not a perfect bridge, I can say with certainty that it is able to counter almost any card in the world of Clash Royale.

This deck is quite difficult to use (4.4 elixirs on average) and requires a lot of patience, but with total control it is an almost impenetrable defense and a victorious crown

Without further ado, here is cards required for the control bridge of the Giant-Goblin royal:

Oldschool Royal Giant Goblin Hut Deck for F2Ps

Oldschool Royal Giant Goblin Hut Deck for F2Ps
<pre><pre> Mega Sparky - The Obliteration of 1000 Mustaches
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Mega Sparky – The Obliteration of 1000 Mustaches

Hey guys!

It's KPK back to the ARC after really a very long time. My last posts were from August and I had not played for a long time. But now, I came back with a Mega Knight Mega Knight Spell-Bait game that is really deadly!

He uses 4 legendary cards on the Contraire, two of which can be replaced, so presto!

Mega Sparky - The Obliteration of 1000 Mustaches

Mega Sparky - The Obliteration of 1000 MustachesMega Sparky - The Obliteration of 1000 MustachesMega Sparky - The Obliteration of 1000 Mustaches

Mega Sparky - The Obliteration of 1000 Mustaches

Mega Sparky - The Obliteration of 1000 Mustaches

Mega Sparky - The Obliteration of 1000 Mustaches

Mega Sparky - The Obliteration of 1000 Mustaches

Mega Sparky - The Obliteration of 1000 MustachesMega Sparky - The Obliteration of 1000 MustachesMega Sparky - The Obliteration of 1000 Mustaches

Mega Sparky - The Obliteration of 1000 MustachesMega Sparky - The Obliteration of 1000 Mustaches

Mega Sparky - The Obliteration of 1000 MustachesMega Sparky - The Obliteration of 1000 Mustaches

Mega Sparky - The Obliteration of 1000 Mustaches

Mega Sparky - The Obliteration of 1000 MustachesMega Sparky - The Obliteration of 1000 Mustaches

* NOTE – Replacements can change things!

General Gameplan

This is not purely an offensive game. So keep your cards before making a move, or a Hog Rider will mow your Tower

Always, hold on to a starting move.

Few of them include Dart Goblin on the bridge, Electro Wizard behind your King Tower or Sparky behind the King.

However, if your opponent Rockets your Sparky, remember to no longer play it near your Princess Tower.

Easy Beginnings

First, understand their 8 cards, their main victory conditions and their chips at your thrusts.

Defend each thrust your opponent makes.

This is done by not overloading your Elixir towards the offensive limits.


Say the Mega Knight defended against the Hog, now play Goblins and E-Wiz behind him and Miner on the NON-TORNADO area of ​​the Princess Tower. In this way, your Miner is destroyed / tanks for you and the other troops destroy everything!

Keep Poison and Zap at your fingertips, as this push is supposed to consume a heavy charge of elixir. But, do not worry. A good opponent will take the time to counter you, which will give you enough time to get at least 5 elixirs.

Say Sparky and Goblins, countered a giant night witch combo. Then try playing Mega Knight in front of her, and E-Wiz + Dart Goblin or something similar. A simple and sensitive synergistic thrust that does not let you take the damage.

Double Time – Fun Time

Now start building your thrusts on this path.

Say, Sparky behind King Tower, then Mega Knight in front of her. Then E-Wiz 4 tiles behind this PUSH to prevent a positive fireball from trading.


Play Miner + Poison Combo where Poison surrounds the Minor. Meanwhile, play Electro Wizard and Goblins to give your opponent a defeat smile on his face.

Do not overload your Elixir!

Once a push is over, stop. Too much precipitation could as well trigger a Hog Rider in the other way

Nothing is impossible!

If you are not able to counter their push as easily, just watch their play style and your erroneous counter.

There is always a different way to handle this thrust.

Say, it's a Kinda Combo Battle Ram Bandit (the typical Bridge Spam), and you think E-Wiz and Goblins is enough rather than Mega Knight not to waste Elixir.

But, think twice! Saving your turn is more important than focusing on Elixir

So there's always more than one way to defend against a push, especially in this deck

This is a Spell-Bait deck!

Do not

This is more of an easy-to-use hybrid deck of Beatdown and Spell-Bait.

Play Sparky (who defended you) and Miner

. Sparky. Then play E-Wiz and Goblins to completely annoy the Spell-Bait game.

This time, they could disconnect you! Then pipe them with a Dartie!

Spell-Bait, it's to annoy your opponent. It can be Mega Knight with Dart Goblin and Poison

Once the Dartie is connected, you can play Goblins with an E-Wiz for change and bring them to the Tower freely

High Elixir Advantage

Tackling Elixir Advantage is also very important

Your opponent could be in elixir because of:

  1. Elixir Collectors
  2. Mirrored Collectors
  3. Misuse of Elixir (On Your Side)

Elixir Collectors [19659002] Your main way to stop this problem is with the cheapest trading you can do. Better still play a Miner

If it's a 3M deck and you poison their Pump, they could play 3M, and you may want to run your phone as much.

Well, you could have a Mega Knight in Cycle with your luck, but still try Miner for the Collector since it does a pretty good job

Same thing against Spawner Buildings except Tombstones

Mirrored Collectors

Minor first! Poison Next! Phew! It was simple

Misuse of Elixir

It could happen

An expensive mistake often gives the opponent the hand of the elixir .

At this point, find the map that could be the common counterpoint to your problem.

Say it's Night Witch and Bandit and Battle Ram. Play a Mega Knight to give a better solution and get a better hand.

Mega Knight is not like a PEKKA where you MUST DO IT BELIEVE THE BRIDGE!


Mega Sparky - The Obliteration of 1000 Mustaches Hog Rider

Mega Knight in the center to avoid a single shot your turn and your counterweight.

In a Hog + Ice Golem combo, if your Sparky knows that he's not knocked out, then that's your best shot. Or Mega Knight + Goblins might seem to do the trick!

Do not Focus on Elixir Crafts

Mega Sparky - The Obliteration of 1000 Mustaches Giant

Sparky is your zesty counter to this with a BBQ sauce prepared by E-Wiz.

In the Giant + Night Witch game, play Mega Knight to start by damaging them both and then using Goblins

Keep Poison in Hand if it's a tank and spank!

Mega Sparky - The Obliteration of 1000 Mustaches Spell-Bait

A high-level Zap eliminates these Goblins Greens.

Princess can be wiped out with a Mega Knight Spawn, an E-Wiz Spawn, a Miner, a Dart Goblin or Goblins.

Spell-Bait has a 100% chance of getting REKT (destroyed) with this game.

Mega Sparky - The Obliteration of 1000 Mustaches Golems [19659002] First, kill the pumps by undermining them or poisoning them.

Sparky does a very good job, but

Use E-Wiz and goblins to distract glass cannons

Mega Sparky - The Obliteration of 1000 Mustaches PEKKA [19659058] Sparky is your best counter! There is no point in losing a Mega Knight.

Any PEKKA at the Tourney Standards can not take more than 3 Shots of a Sparky. Play goblins to kite PEKKA

Mega Sparky - The Obliteration of 1000 Mustaches Cemetery

Goblins, Poison, Dartie … .. I can extend this list forever!

Mega Sparky - The Obliteration of 1000 Mustaches Lava Dog

To Stop His Treatment of Thought Completely, Play Mega Knight and Poison in the opposite lane

Then use Electro Wizard and Dartie to stop the Lava Hound

Mega Sparky - The Obliteration of 1000 Mustaches Three Musketeers

some work on the pumps, and the Mega Knight sweeps the house of the Musketeers

Keep E-Wiz and Goblins for a splash of split-lane

<pre><pre> Goblin Dart Rocket Spell-Bait Deck
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Goblin Dart Rocket Spell-Bait Deck

Hey guys this is Goblin Dart FTW (Regeneration) here and before I start I have some warnings before using this deck

Goblin Dart Rocket Spell-Bait Deck

Goblin Dart Rocket Spell-Bait DeckGoblin Dart Rocket Spell-Bait DeckGoblin Dart Rocket Spell-Bait Deck
Goblin Dart Rocket Spell-Bait DeckGoblin Dart Rocket Spell-Bait DeckGoblin Dart Rocket Spell-Bait DeckGoblin Dart Rocket Spell-Bait Deck

Goblin Dart Rocket Spell-Bait Deck

Goblin Dart Rocket Spell-Bait Deck

This deck is not for you if:

  • A: You hate to use a bait of fate.
  • B: The cards are not high enough.
  • C: Cycling is not your thing. Do not worry, mine is still in the garage (Ba dum tss)

Totally funny story about the origins of this deck

Well then I played with my friend in a 2v2 and we played with the decks (because that we continued to lose) and my friend had this great idea to make the bridge as expensive as possible (you can try too if you want to know for yourself so I'll give you a hint: the average cost of the 39, elixir is 6.6 I need a mirror.)

So I make the expensive bridge and I swear we have not lost. We drew 1-1 and we were two Rockets not to win.

That made me think: The inverse of the game as expensive as possible is the cheapest possible game (again, the average elixir is 1.7). 19659028] I took this package of 1.7 elixirs and I brewed some cards to see if I could make a decent deck

The end result is this deck and a ticket for Challenger 1 (How did this happen OMG)! 2.7 Elixir Spell Bait Deck:

Goblin Dart Rocket Spell-Bait Deck Rocket

Technically the winning condition, but you will not use Rocket as much as other win conditions like Hog.

IMO the cheapest winning condition is Miner, and that 's what I had originally, but not only did I miss Poison, I' d like it. I also missed having a good defensive option. Yeah, Miner can work as a weaker defensive knight, but he just can not cope with Rocket's damage.

I found that Rocket wins games. This crucial damage in the end is just too important not to have it.

So, if you want a Moison deck, go for it, but it's a different deck and I'm sure someone else wrote a guide.

Goblin Dart Rocket Spell-Bait Deck Dard Goblin

What kind of Goblin FTW Dart would I be if I did not try to squeeze it into this thu?

It is underestimated, and is really very important for this game. Use it in defense, and / or for chip damage (depending on the situation).

You will not usually have to place troops in front of him because he is so fast, but if that happens, make sure to lure Log / Arrows with another troop the other way for it to do massive damage!

I'll even give you 4 reasons why he's better than Princess:

  1. Doing more DPS, and is better at defending and balancing behind the troops!)
  2. Against more cards than princess ( especially the cemetery!)
  3. Easier to level up
  4. 1v1 against the princess (He takes a shot, kills the princess and continues 2 more shots of the tower

Now, some say the princess is inflicting more initial damage and better against swarms.

Goblin Dart Rocket Spell-Bait Deck Fire Spirits

One more map underestimated!

For 2 Elixir, get rid of the Goblin Dart swarms can not handle.

Minion Hordes? Elixir Puddle of Water. Barbarians? Nearly Death. Princess? Support Troops Like E -wiz and Witch? Distraire and they too are gone. 3M? Add Log and you win +5 Elixir (if they are together, what they are rarely …), or pair them with Ice Spirit (Ice Spirit must land) and win even more Elixir!

Another troop that you can place at the bridge as a threat, and lure Log / Zap.

If you are lucky, some people will even miss with the newspaper or better, the arrows!

Goblin Dart Rocket Spell-Bait Deck

Spirit of Ice


I do not see why this Is better than a skeleton of elixir (maybe against PEKKA it's better?), And at this point, it's pretty obvious why: 1.5 second Freeze (every time you use this card in Elixir x2 you earn .1 a second in Elixir since Elixir generates 1.4 seconds!)

It also provides easy flea damage on the tower and splash so that multiple troops can be assigned .

Why would you want to replace this card (unless you do not have it and at that time, I'm sorry, but you miss.GET THIS CARD AS SOON AS YOU CAN.)

Goblin Dart Rocket Spell-Bait Deck Gobelin Goblin

This buff Spear Goblins was also an indirect buff against the Gang: They do more damage now.

They are much more dangerous, and IMOs are officially better than Skeleton Army.

Yeah, they hit Hogs and are less "swarmy", but they are Zap

And even better, are more likely to inflict damage when they are placed on the bridge ( sometimes, spear harpoons are knocked out if the gang is countered with a log or arrows)

Use them against aggro troops like Elite Barbarians and PEKKA, and against virtually all victory conditions ( probably not Balloon) as Miners, Graveyard (if they are not spelled), Hogs, etc. Of course, the Royal Giants (Ugh).

Goblin Dart Rocket Spell-Bait Deck Knight [19

He is fighting just so many troops that it's hard not to have him on a bridge

He might need help against tanks and swarms, but he absorbs the damage and kills troops like Bandit and E-Wiz.

Of course, the most famous example of when you would use it against is Mega Knight. On your side, an unsupported Mega Knight will be stopped by Knight, and if he adds supports, add yours.

He can also counter the Barbarians if Goblin Gang breaks down, better associated with Ice Spirit.

Goblin Dart Rocket Spell-Bait Deck The Journal

Use It Against Goblin Goblins or to End Support Troops (When Knight Is Not not in hand). If they do not have Goblin Barrel, you can use it against other bait, such as Princess and Goblin.

Do not forget that you also have Goblins and Fire Spirits to deal with Barrel. Other than that, simple enough.

Goblin Dart Rocket Spell-Bait Deck Mirror

Surprise! I have 2 markers to your odious troops!

Knight not in the hand and they rush with E-Barb + Zap? Drop the Gang, then when they Zap, put it back!

It is so satisfying to have a second Gang or a second Knight to counter this card.

You will not use it too much. in Elixir 1x (because it causes Elixir disadvantages) but in 2x Elixir, my favorite shot is Mirror the Rocket to finish them.

Make sure they can not get your turn first and the 2 Rockets can get you the win (add log if needed).

The higher level, the better it is

Replacements and levels of cards:

The card levels for common (especially spirits) should match your opponent's turn levels. 19659028] If you face a lot of level 10 opponents, make it the number one priority to mount the Spirits first, then the Goblin (so that they survive Zap), and then the Knight.

Goblin Dart should not exceed 3 levels below the level of the opponent's tower. In this way, Dart Goblin will always get 4 hits in full health

The rocket does not matter, but better if it is higher.

The mirror should be no less than 5 levels lower than the common cards, 3 levels lower than the rare cards, and 2 higher levels to the legendary cards so that the levels of mirrored cards are 1 level higher. If you have Level 6 Goblin Goblins, Mirror should be level 3. If you have a Level 10 Knight, Mirror should be level 5, and so on.

The diary is good unless you play level 13 Goblins, level 2. [19659028] Goblin Dart Rocket Spell-Bait Deck

Goblin Dart Rocket Spell-Bait DeckGoblin Dart Rocket Spell-Bait Deck
<pre><pre> Golem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k Club
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Golem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k Club

Hey kiddos, Lay / Radius Trainer here with my other guide on CRA!

This time we will talk about my off-meta deck, which pushed me from 3500 to * fanfares intensifies * 4080! What is my highest score ever! Interested? I hope so!

Golem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k Club

Golem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k ClubGolem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k ClubGolem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k Club
Golem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k ClubGolem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k ClubGolem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k ClubGolem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k Club

Golem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k Club Golem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k Club

For Less
  • 1-2 shoots should be all you need to gain
  • Easy to 3-crown
  • Solid Defense
  • 2 cheap cycle cards
  • Counters PEKKA and Spell-Bait easily.
  • 4.3 AEC without pump.
  • 2 legendary and 3 epics, a legendary is irreplaceable

Golem Lumberjack Beat

Golem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k Club Golem

The True King of heavy slaughter and a card that I like to play with!

On the typical Golem bridge placing this piece of stone is always risky. On this deck, it is VERY risky because of the lack of Elixir Collector.

As Corrosive Logic says, "The pros often tell you things like" do not play the Golem before Double Elixir ", but the truth is that many of these pros are just hypocrites because they end up playing Golem in single Elixir .

That's right! I see nothing wrong with using Golem before Double Elixir, but do not do it when you know that they have Hog Rider or another very fast troop to put pressure on the other way.

A dream scenario to rush with Golem is when you just defended their victory condition with the Elixir trade positive, and you are on Elixir.

TL; DR – Just Your Victory Condition

Golem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k Club Bowler – This is the card that makes this deck off-meta and unique.

This great blue guy against Barbarians, Hog Riders and Swarms!

on the righteous because even when he is under-played, he always contradicts these troops so easily!

I do not recommend using it in your Golem Push, but when you rush as for all of this, why not!

Bowler's HP is high, so do not abstain from small outbreaks such as Bowler + Goblins, when they just lost their Log to spel

TL: DR – Basic Defense, Stand By for Hog Rider and E-Barbarians.

Golem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k Club Lightning – Spell very popular in the Golem decks.

Even after the nerve, he still does very well the case.

But when should I use it?

  • Three Musketeers – Lightning is so good against 3M! Remember an important rule: Value> Damage to the tower. ALWAYS Enlight the 2M channel, even when the 1M channel is more damaged. The only exception is when this Lightning finishes the game.
  • Elixir Collector – Lightning = R.I.P. Pump. Nothing more to say.
  • Inferno Family – When it's just Ferno for your Golem, use the less expensive option called Bats. But when you see the value opportunity as Inferno Tower + Wizard + Arena Tower, why not?
  • And the defensive Lightning? Elite Barbarians + support – boom! Easily defended

TL; DR – Use lightning to punish the three musketeers, the pumps and the underworld. The defensive lightning is also good

Golem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k Club Inferno Dragon

This map is so OP! It easily melts the tanks and supports the Golem

IDrag is one of the most important cards here, so avoid using it alone and as a starting move.

When you use it, always have Bats, Goblins or Lumberjacks

TL; DR – Tank Hunter.

Golem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k Club Lumberjack – The second and last legendary in this game.

The best thing about Lumberjack is his Death effect, Rage, which is extremely useful in Golem push.

But remember to use it as Golem support, whose role is to live as long as possible, not like a kamikaze just for Rage the whole thing.

You can use it as a Hog Rider / Elite Barbarians counter, but Hog will always have two swings, and only LJ can not completely counter Ebarbs, you have to support him with bats or goblins. So, it's your choice!

TL; DR – Must-be in Golem push, always as a support, not a kamikaze. Golem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k Club Goblins

After the nerve of the Skeletons, they stole my watch, my savings and my heart <3.

For 2 Elixir, they offer incredible value and create many positive Elixir crafts.

They are your principal against the Hog Ridaaaah.

To be honest, the list of what they can counter is too long! With the help of the Tower, they can counter ALL single target troops

TL; DR – Cycle Charts, Counters Hog Rider,

Golem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k Club Bats – Another Cycle Card with a lot of positive commercial potential Elixir.

If you do not have enough lightning elixir and you have Golem by your side, use bats. the middle to distract and close the Inferno Tower.

Also, they are incredible counters for ground troops such as Knight and Valkyrie! Just remember to use them on deck to get the maximum damage

TL; DR – Cycle, entertain very well Inferno Tower

Golem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k Club Arrows – Explicit, but there are some words to say to this

When you know that the opponent has Minion Horde and Goblin Barrel on his deck, keep the arrows for Minion Horde. Goblin Barrel can be countered pretty well with Goblins or Bowler. When the opponent has Minion Horde, and your arrows are out, there is no way to stop Horde with this deck


General Gameplan

3:00 – 1:00

Defend and try to make a Golem push.

NEVER use the Golem as your starting hand as you could be punished easily.

As I said above, the best time to go with Golem is to defend.

When they get risky and use the Golem behind the King's Tower, show them that it's a mistake pushing with Lumberbats (it looks so cool, is not it?) [19659002] 1: 00 – End

You must control the game now.

Push the Golem again and again.

Do not give them even a second to attack.

Royal Clash Hog Rider ” width=”70″ height=”84″/> Hog Rider – Winrate – 70%

Your main counterpoint to pork is the goblins. If their fate is Zap, not Log, the game is over unless Zappy Zap is too overvalued.

Avoid excessive expenses; a 0 Elixir caught can cost you the game.

Golem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k Club Gown Beatdown – Winrate – 80%

Who's Who another hates lvl 10 Giants at the bridge? I hope not only me. But how to counter it?

When they make their push with Giant behind the King's Tower, ALWAYS PUSH WITH GOLEM TO THE SAME WAY.

Golem is a much heavier tank, so he will live longer. Also, do not worry about spamming to counter this lonely giant, as it has no death effect and all those troops that you usually defend will go to counter-attack and crush. Pretty easy

Golem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k Club Golem Chorus – Winrate – 50%

Their advantage is Pump, yours is Dragon Inferno

Combat 50/50

Golem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k Club Spell-Bait – Winrate – 95%. Really.

It's so easy! Goblins, bowlers, arrows – they are all against Goblin Barrel!

My way of breaking their defense is completely spam behind Golem. If they have Rocket, it's even better for you, because you can start spamming the media again, but now the push is raged because LJ is killed. Simple!

Very important thing – When you feel "That's all, my last push", do not be afraid of Arrow Princess + Goblin Gang. They do not expect it, but it will be the final punishment to finish the game.

Golem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k Club Lavaloon – Winrate – 55% -60%

At the attack, when they rush with Lava to the back, go with Golem on the same side. Then, place Inferno Dragon behind Golem, but as far as possible to burn the Lava Pups' mother

Then, I prefer to use Bats to counter the Pups, to have them in the offbeat, but when you can get good value from arrows, like puppies + minions, why not!

Be aware of the balloons at the bridge by pushing with Golem.

Golem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k Club Salted Scale (Elite Barbarians and Royal GG) – Winrate – 45% -50%.

If only Ebarbs, easy enough as Bowler repaints them perfectly.

Royal Giant is a bigger affair. Use Inferno Dragon to counter RG, and keep the arrows in the case of Minion Horde, which is a fairly popular ladder card

If both, really difficult because they can always rush with RG or Ebarbs when you rush with Golem . 19659002] Good luthier

Golem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k Club Spitting – Winrate – 100%.


Golem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k Club Siege – Winrate – 75%

Golem is your taker of the ball .

When you know that they are If you do not know that they have X-Bow / Mortar, and after your Golem, they normally go with the Siege weapon on the opposite path, ignore the Siege, do not use the Golem before their Siege Weapon is placed

completely, let them take a ride and go to the Trade Tower.

You know why? Because after taking the opposite tower, they can either go for a crown of 3, which is almost impossible, or for that Tour lane you just took, which is almost impossible.

Go Golem after Golem, their defense is strong so a push will not usually finish the match, but chip after chip and turn will come down.

Golem Lumberjack Beatdown Deck which I had at 4k Club PEKKA beatdown – Winrate – 70%.

Pretty cool even though most players think that coping with PEKKA when using the Golem is a guaranteed loss.

To counter PEKKA, your thrust needs: Golem (OFC), Dragon Inferno, Lumberjack and Arrows ready to launch.

Golem attack and inflict damage, Inferno Dragon to kill the PEKKA, Lumberjack to protect the ID from the annoying chilling effect of the Electro Wizard, and arrows to protect the ID of Bats / Minions / Horde Minion. When all these things are done, this push should cut this Tower to shreds.


And that's it, guys! I hope you enjoyed this guide of more than 1600 words, and hope you will soon reach the Challenger 1, as I did with this card game! That's all on my side, now let's say it!

Cya, kiddos!

Coach Lay / Radius