Balanced bridge and has good air defense with Mega Knight, P.E.K.K.A., log bait

Hello guys, this is Deepshul GaMeR of ROYALE BEASTS. I will share a game that literally interprets the Mega Knight, the P.E.K.K.A control, and a measure log bait. This is a balanced bridge and has good air defense. I’ve recently won 12 wins in this game. Pong TV used this platform to get 12 wins and TOP 10 GLOBAL. No more vanities, let’s get to the bridge right away!

Golem Beat: Push the other way with 10 elixirs.

Inferno Dragon for Golem and Ice Golem / Lightning for support troops.

Not so difficult to counter.

P.E.K.K.A. Control: Always try to push the other way as the way where they deposit their PEKKA.

When you know that the opponent will defend your Hog push with P.E.K.K.A, always push with Ice Golem + Hog + Inferno Dragon.

The Dragon of Inferne literally melt Pekka!

Mega Knight Decks: Ice Golem to kite and I-Drag to melt.

This is it! This is easy.

Use Bandit or Lightning to get rid of your support. The key is not to let them build a huge boost by often changing the tracks.

Lava Hound: This victory condition could be difficult to counter.

Assuming you have pushed another way, when the Lava Hound comes to the bridge, use only the princess to get damage on it slowly.

Only if the opponent deposits Loon use I-Drag.

Use Zap and lightning to clean puppies and support.

Hog Decks: The Hog Detes that are found in the meta are mainly Hog Cycle.

Use Dragon or Inferno Goblins they do not have Log to counter the Hog and Ice Golem to block support.

Usually will end in 2-1.

Log Bait: Use Princess and Goblins for the bait and save Zap for Goblin Barrel.

When you try to try to ride a bike or use lighting during overtime.

In addition, will end mainly in 2-1

Siege: Use Ice Golem to block.

Hog / Inferno Dragon to kill.

Explode / use lightning and win!

Cemetery: Goblins / Bandit + Zap to counter the Cemetery. Block of blocks at the bridge with Ice Golem.

Three musketeers: Lightning their pumps.

In Double Elixir, keep spamming so they can not drop their three musks.

Use the princess, the ice golem, the goblins at the counter.


Thank you for reading this long guide of 1200 words. I hope you have succeeded! Watch my YouTube channel Deepshul GaMeR. Clash ON!

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