[Ask] Help me build a deck with my most leveled up cards so I can come back to the game.

I’ve been playing Clash Royale since the soft launch. I’m level 12 with best of 4700 trophies.

Until about mid level 11 to 12 I stopped playing so frequently, but still played a couple matches a day and opened my chests.

The thing is… I’m having a lot of trouble to build a good deck with the cards I’ve already upgraded, maybe because I’m not that hooked up on the game anymore, maybe because I’m behind all the new balance, etc.

I’ll focus only on lvl 12 commons, lvl 9-10 rares, lvl 6 epics and lvl 2-3 legendaries.

The cards are…

– Commons 12: Zap, Goblins, Goblin Gang, Minions, Minon Horde, Elite Barbarians.

– Rares 9: Ice Golem, Mega Minion, Musketeer, Mini Pekka (almost 10), Wizard, Giant (not worth it lvl 9), Inferno Tower, Elixir Collector, Three Musketeers.

– Rares 10: Hog Rider, Fireball.

– Epics 6: Skeleton Horde, Poison, Bowler, Witch, Baloon, Giant Skeleton, Pekka, Golem.

– Epic 7: Mirror

– Legendaries 2: Log, Miner, Bandit, Inferno Dragon, Night Witch, Electro Wizard, Graveyard, Mega Knight.

– Legendaries 3: Princess (almost 4), Ice Wizard, Lumberjack, Sparky, Lava Hound.

I want to use only those cards since I don’t have gold to level up anything else by now.

Thanks everyone in advance.

**Edit:** The deck I’m using right now is Zap, Goblin Gang, Ice Golem, Musketeer, Mini Pekka, Hog, Fireball, Mirror. It is fun but not that good.

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