Advanced strategies to help improve your gameplay play. From a seasoned 5ker.

Hi there.

I created a advanced strategy guide to help one of the members here move up in ladder. I have been playing clash Royale from the start and every season for at least the last year I float around the mid or upper 5ks.

A fellow redditor asked for some tips in beating the most popular meta decks. And I roughly compiled this guide.

He granted me a Reddit gold, and I am very appreciative of that.

I thought I would share it with everyone here in hopes it will improve your game play. These tips below I do not think has ever been shared here on Reddit. But I could be wrong.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions or elaborate on some of my tips.


Here are some important tips in a game I always perform no matter what deck archetype I am playing.

-Deck Scouting
Very important. I need to know what deck or win condition they are playing. I will even burn elixir by dropping my cheapest cards and spells to achieve this goal.
Even if I have giant in hand, I typically will not drop him in the back at the start until I confirmed they are not playing siege or mortar.

I need to memorize their cards and what they are using to counter my win conditions with. That will determine which win condition I will use to win with. (Most good decks have 2)
Ex. If they play pekka, I will switch over to a miner chip game from giant beat down.

-Positive Elixir Trades
OJ’s favorite words. In order to win most games, this is the key element. And the best way to do that, is to play slow and carefully. And gain positive elixir through good defense. Only playing the minimal amount of defense required. Keep in mind compiling positive elixir trades is way more important than chipping the tower.

Example Scenario: A hog is headed toward your tower with an ice spirit. I throw out a mini pekka to counter. With the ice spirit, the hog gets 3 swings. I let it happen and invest nothing else, not even in a counter push with the full health mini pekka.

Why? Because he spent 5 elixir on his push, and will need a minimum of 2 more elixir to stop the mini pekka. (if its skeletons, I zap it, unless its played near the center of their base.) So 7 for 4. Now I drop giant in the back and begin my push.

Cycles –
It is important to remember what cards the opponent has in cycle. Spells especially. Ex. If the opponent cast a fireball, then you send in your horde right after for a push.

Double lane Push –
When given the opportunity try to take it. If you are playing beat down. Good hog/mortar players will try to push the other lane that you are going on. To help prevent feeding your pushes.
So try to capitalize on this, most players are good on offense, but are not so great on defense. Especially when it comes to defending both lanes. You will most likely throw them off their cycle that they want to play.

Meta Deck Tips and Weaknesses:
I have to go for now, so I will make this really short.
Let me know if any is interested in knowing more and I can come back and elaborate.

Bait Meta – Its weakness is air support. If you take out the princess. They have pretty much none. Keep that in mind.
Also determine if they are playing the tornado or inferno variation. That will help you determine if you can play your zap and on the goblin barrel or not.

Hog Cycle – If you are playing a heavy deck. Then you try to gain positive elixir trades. Eat solo stab goblin damage, or even half knight health damage. Don’t invest in pushes to hard. Your goal is to make it to double elixir time. When that hits, its your game now. Heavy decks typically have a huge advantage over cheap cycle decks during this time.

Mortar Rocket – This deck is also weak on air defense. Ex. you drop minions, they arrow. Now you go good horde with whatever else you have. Zap their archers to stun and bring down their HP. You should pretty much take their tower then. Try to keep up with their mortar cycle. Fireball if they stack their archers close to their mortar.

I hope this helps.

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