Active and Casual players wanted! Trophy count does not matter! Clan name: blank Clan tag: #2JP8289Q [0]

Hi there!

We are blank, looking for active or casual people who like to play clash royale. Currently we only have 15 people in the clan and are looking for more players to build a foundation or core of the clan. Once the core is established and a good amount of people are in the clan we will start up a clan discord for anyone in the clan looking for a 2v2 partner or want to friendly battle. There are no requirements to be in the clan for now. You can donate if you want and request for cards at will. Those who donate and participate in clan chests will get promoted. We can also help and give advice on deck construction, pushing trophies, and/or learn the game! All are welcomed to join and feel free to bring along company! Please check us out, Clan name: blank Clan tag: #2JP8289Q

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