[3000] Pmpn N Slayin. 10 clan chest every week.

Pmpn N Slayin
# 8LLQY8
[3000 25-30k donations Clan score 39k ]

PnS has been active since the launch of the royal game.
In Pmpn N Slayin, we receive our chest lv 10 every week without fail. After the weekly clean rostsa, we now have some spaces to fill !!

It's a good chance to join a friendly clan with active players.

1) Be nice to the clan mates
2) Not sworn or bad language, PnS is family! No toxic players.
3) Each week, give at least 100 cards or demote / cut
4) If you contribute 10 cuts OR LESS in the clan vault, you will be demoted if you are a former or retired member. It is to make sure we only have active players in the clan.
5) Get senior rank by contributing 40 more cups into the clan chest

That's all! Nice and simple. To stick to these rules, you can have a great clan for clash!
Come join us quickly before the spots and be respectful of the rules!

/ Excession_uk

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