[0] New and growing Clan. Valhalla. All are welcomed. Donate, Requet, and Clan Chest. Tag: #98C998CR

The new clan started 2 days ago with 4 now a growing group of 14, hopefully with more to come. All we ask our clan members to do is to donate, ask for cards, and especially to participate in Clan Chest. "0" donations and clan crowns will be expelled from Valhalla unless a member has notified the clan.

If you need help outside the game. We will use the LINE, Discord or Amino application. The one that is available to you.

LINE application (green application with white writing)
ID. fury

Discord ID. Fyurian.Fire # 0826

Name of the clan: Valhalla
Clan of the Tag: # 98C998CR

The three co-leaders and I are used to putting 100-200 + Crowns for Clan Chest, we do not need these numbers, we just want to get close to 10 chests that we can get for our first Clan Chest as a new Clan. Everyone is welcome before Clan Chest starts helping in the battle.

We hope to see you in Valhalla.

* Note: We do not seek to merge with our Clan at this time, we are still very new and we want to see what we are made of. Thank you for the offers.

Click on this link to join my Clan in Clash Royale! https://link.clashroyale.com/invite/clan/en?tag=98C998CR&token=fny7kba2&platform=iOS

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